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That's Right!  This Summer, there is a series of community movie nights coming to the North Haven Town Green.  These family-friendly movies are offered free for your family to enjoy.  Below you will find the dates and movies offered.

Each movie night, your family will be treated to free popcorn and drink, and some family fun events prior to the movie starting.  Movies will start close to dusk.  There will also be an ice cream truck each night where you can purchase your favorite frozen treats.

These movie nights are provided to our community by Pond Hill Baptist Church in cooperation with Vox Church North Haven Campus.  We believe that serving our community is a great way to demonstrate the love we have received from God.  So enjoy your night. 



July 15th

(July 16th - Rain Date)

Movie Description:


Two kids discover an old board game and when they start playing it they are greeted by a man who has spent years trapped inside the game since playing it at age 12. His only hope for freedom involves finishing the dangerous game.

Watch Trailer Here!

July 29th

(July 30th - Rain Date)

Movie Description:

Theater owner Buster Moon sets his sights on producing a brand-new musical with his troupe in the glamorous Redshore City. To gain the support of a ruthless music mogul, he pitches that he'll feature Clay Calloway, a legendary but elusive rock singer as part of the show. Now, all the group needs to do is find the recluse and persuade him to perform with them.

Watch Trailer Here!


August 12th

(August 13th - Rain Date)

Movie Description:


In this religious drama based on a true story, a 10-year-old girl is inexplicably cured of a chronic digestive disorder following a serious accident in which she falls three stories. Soon, her mother believes that her recovery is a miracle.

Watch Trailer Here!

August 26th

(August 27th - Rain Date)

Movie Description:

In this prequel to "Despicable Me," a trio of small yellow minions venture forth to discover a new evil genius to serve. Later, they pledge their loyalty to a supervillainess and her inventor husband as part of a plan to steal the British royal crown.

Watch Trailer Here!


North Haven Town Green
19 Church St

North Haven, CT 06473

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