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Wednesday 6:30 PM

Middle School and High School

Parental Partnership

Impact is a partnership with the parents of our teenagers, so that, together, we can inspire your teenager to follow God with their life. Here are a few specific ways that we do this:


  • Regular emails updating parents about current and future lessons and events

  • Consent forms with the leaders and locations of all of our events 

  • Handouts and announcements are given so that you can be up prepared and in prayer for the events. 

  • Specialized care for our teenagers with special needs.


We are excited to work with you and your teenager so that we can encourage them towards Jesus Christ!

Mission and Vision

Impact exists to provide a place where teens can enjoy good, clean fun, fellowship with their peers and facilitated discussion about God and the Bible. It’s a safe place where teens can be open about who they are and what they think. They are free and encouraged to be themselves and share their thoughts during discussions. Leaders interact with these teens in order to build relationships and to encourage them during games, discussions, activities, events, or just chilling out. Everything that we do is designed to let our teens express themselves in a godly way, as they learn to be the person that God encourages them to be every day.

Our monthly events are one of the best parts about Impact. Whether it's a hike, bowling, a game night, or camp our teens have a blast at every event. Be sure to check out our calendar for all the events!

All events require a printed and signed permission slip for your teen. Be sure to fill one out before your child attends each event!

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