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Living Life  in
Authentic Relationships

We believe that living life together helps us become better followers of Jesus.  As much as we may like to think we can do it all by ourselves, the reality is, we need one another.  The Bible teaches that we are to live life together in a community of believers, which simply means that we are to live in fellowship with other people of faith.  We can share our struggles, are successes, our needs, and from time to time we share a meal together.


Living life in community was a driving focus of the early church.  There were many influences that caused them to be so close-knit, such as family abandonment, governmental pressure and general persecution.  Circumstances may have changed over time, but we still believe that living in community with other believers should be a driving force behind the church.

We offer "Life Group" meetings for everyone in the church to grow in a community of believers.  This is not just for the adults, but for all ministry departments.  The adults meet at differing times during the week and the teens have small groups on Wednesday nights.

Our church runs semester based life groups that meet from 10-13 weeks on a variety of topics.  Each Fall, our entire church studies the same topic during our Fall growth campaign.  Click on the Life Groups tab on the connect menu above to find more information on our current life groups studies and locations

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