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Hey there! Thank you for joining us this Sunday for Worship. As you know, COVID-19 has adjusted the way we all worship, so whether you are joining us in-person, on Facebook Live, or by telephone, we are glad you're here!

It's going to be a great day! This page has everything you need for a great worship experience today. There is a link to our Facebook live service. You may want to open that in a new tab. There is also a connection card you can use to let us know how to connect and serve you. You can also download the sermon notes for today's teaching.

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Our Current Teaching Series

The Nativity Story is one of the most well-known stories of the Bible.  Once a year we read and remember the story.  One of the saddest parts of the story is when Mary and Joseph were told that there was no room for them in the inn.  I can even imagine what that must have been like for the young couple. 

I do know what it is like to be so busy that I don't make room for Jesus in my own life.   Each Sunday of Advent, our teaching will focus on the second coming of Jesus and help us prepare for his return.  The response of those who surround the nativity narrative, give us insight into how we can make room for the King!


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Frequently asked questions

What platform are you streaming to?

We will be livestreaming our services on Facebook Live! Make sure your "like" our Facebook page. Also if you turn notification on you get notified for all our live events.

Can I submit a prayer request?

You can submit your prayer request or even ask for somoeone to contact you for prayer by filling out this connection card.

What are the safety guidelines for in person worship?

A mask must be worn when we are unable to physically distance ourselves from each other. The greatest risk is when we enter and exit the building as well as when we are singing. For this reason, we ask that everyone wear a mask during these times. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask at church for these times we ask you to worship with us on Facebook live. Maintain physical distancing... The sanctuary has been set up with "seating sections" that are separated by 6ft of space. We ask that social groups who live together sit together in seating sections. We will open the doors to the church 5 minutes before service begins and ask people to find the forward most seating section that will accommodate their group as they make their way into the sanctuary. Smaller groups should take the seats on the side with three seats and allow for groups of three or more to occupy the center section. Once service is over we will dismiss congregants from the back to the front and ask them to make their way to the parking lot. Once in the parking lot we will have greater room to meet for conversation and prayer. Enter the sanctuary through the front doors and proceed to a seating section. The doors will be opened for you, so you can enter and exit the building without having to touch anything if desired. Handout/programs/pens will not be handed out at the door. Offering envelopes will be made available and offering plates will be positioned near the back door. Kid's Worship is available. Check-in will be available downstairs from 10:25-10:40. We will be exercising physical distancing procedures as best as possible Teacher will be wearing mask. Handwashing and hand sanitizing will be available Nursery is not available for church services at this time. The nursery room is available for use but will need to be sanitized after each use. (Supplies will be provided.) Restrooms are available for single occupancy/family use. (Sanitization supplies are available in each restroom.) Touchless hand sanitizing stations are in the lobby upstairs and on the wall near the restrooms downstairs. Church cleaning is done on a weekly basis and includes sanitizing areas of frequent contact.

How do I decide if in person worship or online worship is best?

We are still offering services on Facebook Live and through teleconferencing. In fact, we invite you to use these options under the following conditions: If you are unable/unwilling to follow the guidelines mentioned in the above section. If you have tested or if anyone in your home has tested positive for COVID-19 If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive and you were not wearing person proctetive equipment. If you are anxious about being in public at this time. If you are experiencing a consistent cough. If you are experiencing a low grade fever or chills. If you are experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

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