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Global Partners

When Jesus was telling his disciples what they must do after his resurrection, he told them to start right where they were...Jerusalem.  But then he asked them to look beyond their immediate area.  In fact, He said, go beyond your borders.  This is commonly called Missions or The Great Commission.  Start where you are, but don't stop there.


Therefore, our community outreach has to reach beyond our borders.  It is for this purpose that our church strategically partners with people who are called to go beyond our borders and share the love of Christ. The Missionaries are sent all over the world with the primary purpose of loving people in a different cultural.  This is difficult work, but with the help of God, and support (both financial and prayer) from churches all over America, they move to a foreign country to share God's love.


We do not have a list of our current missionary partners on our website, but we encourage people to check in with them frequently at our mission kiosk in the church.

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