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Global Adventure 2018

Puerto Rico

Join us for Global Adventure 2018 - Puerto Rico, a missions trip designed to offer aid and support to our missionary Jerry and Liz Harmon and the people to Maranatha Baptist Church.  We will be helping them clean-up and repair after the hurricanes of September 2017.  It is easy to forget about the destruction that these hurricanes wreaked upon the island since it is no longer on the nightly news.  However, there are still people in need.  There are still people without electricity; there is still work to be done.  This is your opportunity to experience what it is like to do the work of the missionary.

There are two ways you can be involved:


June 20th - 26th
Cost:  $900.00*



We are trying to raise $25,000.00 fro the projects that need to be completed  See the list of projects below.

*This cost includes: airfare, ground transportation, food, and lodging, but does not include expense for the sight seeing day, nor food for the sight seeing day


$140 of $25,000


  • Clean out old Sanctuary

  • Clean out old parsonage

  • Clean usable tools

  • Clean Mold off Bunkhouse walls

  • Repair Bunkhouse Decks and Stairs

  • Obtain large dumpster and get rid of old wood and wet debris from old sanctuary

  • Demo Old Sanctuary and Parsonage (This may have to be done by professionals)

  • Repair Tin Roofs at the Deaf School

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