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The Book of Acts picks up the story of redemption after the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus.  It has commonly been labeled the acts of the apostles, but a better title would be the acts of the Holy Spirit.  This offers great hope for us today!  The same Holy Spirit that worked in the church in the book of Acts, is still at work in the church today.  The same power revealed in Acts, is within the believer today. 


In our summer teaching series, we go back into the book of Acts and study some of the individuals that lived the life of faith.  They lived heroic faith and gave us an example of how we too, can live by faith.  Learn more about...


  • Luke, the writer of the book of Acts, and the gospel of Luke

  • Stephen, the first Christian martyr

  • Barnabus, the encourager and Apostle with Paul

  • Phillip, the Deacon who baptized the Ethiopian Eunich

  • John Mark, the overcomer

  • Timothy, the disciple


Join us each week to learn how to make our faith heroic.  If you miss a week, check back here.  You can listen for the first time or check back for a replay.

Luke: The Writer

June 23, 2019 

There are heroic stories sprinkled throughout the Bible.  The writer of the book of Acts has one such story.  His is a story of heroic faith.  The stated reason he records the book of acts is to convince a friend about the person of Jesus.  His story reminds us that Being a follower of Jesus demands that we invite others to become followers of Jesus.


Stephen: The Martyr

June 30, 2019

Andrew preaches for the first time on the important benefits of forgiveness. He references a video from Matthew West:

Then, Pastor Shawn discusses forgiveness in motion through the story of the first Christian martyr. His last words of forgiveness remind us that we can forgive even when it's hard. 

Barnabas: The Apostle

July 7, 2019

Pastor Shawn draws attention to the incredible impact of barnabas' ministry--even apart from Paul. We hone in on the fact that Barnabas shows us that God uses us when we are committed to each other. 

John Mark: The profitable one

John Mark Shows up in the story of Acts in Jerusalem and ends in Rome.  He is a disciple of peter and a travel companion of Barnabas and Paul.  However, his story has some twists and turns.  In this teaching, we will travel with John Mark and learn that we Don't have to let the problems of the past determine the potential of the present.

Phillip: The Deacon

Would it be great if there was like a rubric for spiritual growth?  

There isn't some super-spiritual formula that can determine our spiritual growth.  However, there seems to be a God designed path to help us grow spiritually and out hero fo that faith today reveals…Growing one's faith is a continual process of taking the next step.  Let’s trace the spiritual development of Philip the evangelist as see his process of taking the next step.

Timothy: Becoming Consistent

Sunday, August 28

Pastor Shawn walks through the ministry of Timothy and  encourages us to become consistent in our faith. We trace Timothy's ministry that began with Paul but grew beyond Paul himself. Timothy proved himself to be a committed, trustworthy, Scripturally minded minister who put a priority on genuine discipleship.

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