Meet The Team

Rev. Michael S.Carbaugh

Pastor Mike came to Pond Hill Baptist Church in 1995 to work with the youth and music.  He was called as senior pastor and ordained in January 1997.  He and his wife Shannon have served together in every area of church ministry.  Learn more about Pastor Mike by clicking his picture above.


Michael "Shawn" Carbaugh II

Michael Shawn grew up at Pond Hill Baptist Church and served as summer intern while in college.  Now, he works full time as one of our pastors, focusing on worship planning and student and family ministries.  Learn more about Pastor Shawn by clicking his picture above.

Gina Doheny

Gina has been at Pond Hill Baptist Church longer than Pastor Mike of Shawn.  She has served in many capacities throughout the years.  Currently, she serves as the administrative assistant to Pastor Mike, Kid's Worship Leader, and leader of the assimilation team.

Meet The Board of Deacons

Gordie Doheny and

Gina Doheny

Deacons, Treasurer

George Esposito