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The Book of Acts picks up the story of redemption after the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.  It has commonly been labeled the acts of the apostles, but a better title would be the acts of the Holy Spirit.  This offers great hope for us today!  The same Holy Spirit that worked in the church in the book of Acts, is still at work in the church today.  The same power revealed in Acts, is within the believer today.  You are power filled!

This year, we start our year by examining the power that is available to the Christ follower to live the Christian life.  It is a power that is able to help us overcome any struggle, to help us make and keep Christ-centered goals, and ultimately the power to help us change our world.  Don't say you can not do something.  You are POWERFILLED!  All things are possible!

Join us each week as we learn how to be POWERFILLED.  If you miss a week, check back here.  You can listen for the first time or check back for a replay.

You Have the Power to Change the World

The Power of the Holy Spirit has been placed inside the life of each and every disciples of Christ.  His presence fills the believer with wisdom and power.  God then sends them into the world to show his power so that others may choose to follow God.  Acts 1:8 reveals God's plan to reveal his power to the entire World.  What start at home, ends at the uttermost part of the world.

You Have The Power to Share Jesus Boldly

One of the defining characteristics of the early church is that they were eager to share the story of Jesus.  There have always been those who wanted to silence the message of Jesus.  But tht didn't stop the early church and it doesn't have to stop us either.  In this week's lesson we can learn that you have the power to share Jesus boldly. 

You Have The Power to Pray

Acts 1-12 indicates that the early church's ministry was soaked in prayer. In fact, the Scripture's literary structure indicates that it was because of the ceaseless prayer of the early church that they had the power and impact that they did. Listen as we establish that prayer is directly related to ministry and as we encourage you to pray and expect the Lord to work. 

You Have The Power to be Generous

Another defining characteristic of the early church was their generosity.  They seemed to be more than willing to be generous with their money.  In this teaching, we will learn that generosity is the valve through which God’s power and blessing flows into and through our lives.  

You Have The Power to overcome Difficulty

Difficulties are a normal part of life.  However, many people make the mistake of allowing their difficulties to define them.  In this sermon we will learn 6 keys to help us overcome difficulty.  We don’t have to let our difficulties define us, but we can certainly allow them to refine us.

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