It is easy to let life get overwhelming.   The truth is we are overscheduled...cramming as much as possible into our already overstuffed schedules seems to be the norm of our weeks.  But God has a better option. We have been created for work and rest, but rest is essential!


The Word Sabbath actually means "To cease, to stop working."  It refers to a unit of time around which we are to orient our entire lives as 'holy,' meaning 'separate, a cut above' the other six days."  Peter Scazzero, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, p. 163.


What is interesting, is that God actually command us to remember the sabbath.  Yet, almost all the people I know would say that the sabbath was under the law and therefore unnecessary for the modern believer.  I want to say that that is an excuse to keep us living the pace in which we are accustomed.   Many people who follow Christ misuse activity to be the guide for spirituality.  That is why they want to stay so busy.  But I want you to know that God does not see activity as the guide for spirituality.


Here is something that I thinks we all should remember.  We have been created for work and rest, but rest is essential!


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